Bony Grarrl Club


Bony Grarrl Club

Bony Grarrl Club

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$299.99 $79.99


Actually made from an extra large dried Bargasaurus leg this sturdy club is extremely awkward to wield.

The Bony Grarrl Club, or it’s more commonly used name BGC, is known for the avatar your able to obtain, rather than the battledome aspect. Despite the bony grarrl club being terrible in the battledome, it’s current price tag at 100,000,000 makes it a unattainable item for many!

Equip the Bony Grarrl Club to your pet, and view the quickref page to obtain the BGC avatar below!



  1. Elise Kozler

    This is a species only 6-iconer, functionally identical to Superior Shovel, save that this offers no defense, is Grarrl-only and costs more than two thousand times as much. It is not the sort of weapon which I can recommend that anyone ever actually use in the BD.

    +1 point as it is an avatar item.

  2. Elise Kozler

    A mini-zaptwig :D Quite nice, with the addded effect of a secret avatar, but the price is way too steep :( go for a Spider on a String or Lost Desert Dagger instead :)

  3. Elise Kozler

    The Bony Grarl Club is just an avatar item that will never be worth its value in the battledome.

    The BGC is an absolute terrible weapon because of its price. Avatar inflation has killed this, not to mention it is r99. For avatar purposes only.

    This weapon would still be overpriced if it did not yield the avatar (keep in mind that it’s still R99).

    Buy this for avatar or gallery purpose only.

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