H4000 Helmet

H4000 Helmet

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$24.99 $14.99


Far more than a simple helmet, a single blast from this head gear will stop your opponent in their tracks! Limited Use. You can only have one freeze item equipped to a pet! The H4K, or the H400 Helmet, is a freezer. It used to be very cheap, and when I say very cheap just a few thousand neopoints and buyable. Now the price has soared to 7,000,000! A great investment for those who decided to buy tons back in the days.


  1. Micheal

    Power (4/4) 100% freeze.

    Price (2/2) The cheapest non-species non-fragile 100% freezer.

    Tactical (3/3) Freezing is essential in 2p and there is no way to beat this weapon without spending more.

    Another Angle (0/1) Personally, I think the upgrades are worthwhile, so I can`t quite give this a perfect score.

    Alternatives: If you can use a species freezer, such as Entangling Lenny Lasso, Icy Chia Goggles, Golden Peophin Harp, you can save millions. Otherwise consider fragile freezers such as Terror Stone, Scroll of Freezing and Ancient Lupe Wand

    Upgrades: Freezing Potion, Sloth Approved Hair Gel, Magical Marbles of Mystery, Sleep Ray

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Ask for no-freeze battles. If you don`t have a 100% freezer, expect to lose 5 out of every 6 battles on round 2, until you get over 1500 hit points, when you`ll be able to last to round 3

  2. Elise Kozler

    At some point, you must have a 100 percent, reusable freezing weapon to complete your battledome set. Ideally, you’ll want one that damages your opponent or protects you while it freezes. The Freezing Potion and Heavy Blue Tunic are prime examples. Price concerns dictate you should try to find a species freezer for your pet, but if you have a lab pet like I do, the H4000 Helmet is worth every neopoint.

  3. Elise Kozler

    The weapon itself is top-notch; every serious battler should eventually get a 100% freezer. However, as inflation nears this retired weapon towards the Freezing Potion, which still restocks and gives 2 extra water icons, it becomes less and less the standard freezer.

    If you do not have the extra neopoints to get a Freezing Potion, the H4000 Helmet is still a very good buy. With the price difference between either weapon constantly changing, it is difficult to say which one is the better buy.

    Downgrade: Black Frost Cannon of Scroll Of Freezing
    Upgrade: Freezing Potion
    Alternatives: Ice Dice or Slumberberry Potion or Species Freezer

  4. Elise Kozler

    Freezing is another very important aspect in battling, just like healing. A reliable freezer may decide who wins the match. It is mandatory to have a 100% freezer if you want to fight it out in the tough battledome. Many players freeze on the first move, and then give you their bombs. If you do not counter freeze, your pet would probably be slaughtered.

    The H4000 Helmet has been around for a very long time, and it is the first 100% freezer ever. Most players should just stick to this freezer unless they got extra nps to upgrade it to a Sleep Ray or a Freezing Potion. The moehog skull is probably too expensive. The H4000 Helmet is the cheapest reusable 100% freezer.

    But if you cannot afford this, then you may want to consider using the Black Frost Cannon or Rainbow Frost Cannon. People with lower budgets go for the Green Frost Cannon or Snowglobe Staff

    Scroll of Freezing is a cheaper alternative, but it is breakable.

  5. Elise Kozler

    If you do not have a 100% freezer, buying this should be your top priority. Many battlers use these, and it is almost customary to freeze the first round of the fight; if you do not do so also, your opponent begins with a serious advantage. There are better freezing items out there, such as Freezing Potion, Sleep Ray, and Moehog Skull, but don’t plan on getting a Moehog Skull anytime soon. Freezing Potion and Sleep Ray may be better than H4000 Helmet, but ask yourself this question first: is there a better way you could spend the NP to improve your weapon set?

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