Heavy Robe of Thievery

Heavy Robe of Thievery

Heavy Robe of Thievery


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This hooded cloak is preferred by thieves all around Neopia as it has deep pockets in which to hide your ill gotten gains.


  1. Elise Kozler

    I like this for 1p. Especially when the opponent has a tear or healer in the first slot. Usually in 2p your opponent will stick a junk weapon or something thats not all that useful in their first slot to keep you from stealing, however sometimes you can catch them off guard and change the battle. Especially if you steal their freezer or healer:p I think its a great weapon for its price and the agility mark isn’t hard to obtain. This is good to just have in the ole SDB for when its needed.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Wow I love this weapon. The price lingers around 300k which is very decent. Hate always missing with the 50% steal Purple Sticky Hand? Well the robe has a 100% steal rate and it doesn’t go to your opponent after use. The light defence is even more wonderful, it nicely wraps up the entire package.

    Stealing was a big aspect of 1P battling for me, but never in 2P battling. Nowadays, people place low power weapons in their first slot, so 2P stealing is always a waste. Also, 200 agility is not so easy to obtain, sadly, I never bought one of these because of that.

  3. Elise Kozler

    Power: (4) 100% steal is phenomenal. No chance of wasting a turn, and your opponent doesnt get the heavy robe of thievery back, so they cant steal back that battle. Of course they get their item back at the end of the battle…

    Price: (4) A rainbow sticky hand is 1.5 millish and r99, a gsh is r96. THis is more common at r95, and far far better (agility considerations factored in)

    Tactical: (1) Alot of great uses…

    Non-Battle: (0) Id give this a 1, but this seems way too good to be true at present. Realistically, either it needs to retire, the rarity needs to change, or it needs to be downgraded, otherwise i predict that within 1 year every pet that has 200 agility will make this a priority for 2 player battles. I have one, so obviously id prefer the rarity being upped or whatnot, but realistically, its too good for a r95, so a downgrade seems most likely.

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