MME24-S1: The Seekers Banner

MME24-S1: The Seekers Banner

MME24-S1: The Seekers Banner

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MME24-S1: The Seekers Banner is the latest MME to arrive at the NC Mall! Wait till April 09 to see it’s first evolution!

Ever wanted to join the best and brightest of Neopia? Would you be an explorer, discovering the hidden secrets of our lands? Or a scholar, creating new inventions from your secret lab?


I’m not sure about this MME too. Explorer and scholar theme is not something I usually do and the garland is something I wouldn’t use. It would be nice to atleast know the names.

If one is all seekers stuff that could be really nice, I love old-fashioned and booksy customs, but I think I’ll just trade individually for the stuff I want cause I don’t want the first item xD

I feel crazy thinking that we didn’t get image spoilers until later, only the names of the items we’d be getting. Whatever though. I just hope it’s not terrible! 

Oof, I impulse purchased both IDs without waiting for spoilers. And I don’t even like the banner (would have been nice without the text). I still have items from the last MME that haven’t traded. Will I ever learn?? (tiny voice: no…) Anything steampunk-y or old-timey should be great and I’ll use it. Like Neovia items! Seekers should be sort of Edwardian, right? *crosses fingers*

I wanna know the names at least, most of the time the user “Communicable” or something is who gives us spoilers for pretty much anything, hope he appears to tell us what’s behind this mme. And i second the idea, the banner would be better without the text, it looks cheap with it.

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