Plushie Paint Brush


What a bizarre magical invention – it will turn your Neopet into a big plushie! Plushie neopets are among the most favored pet on Neopets! Plushie paint brushes however are very expensive onsite, so why not buy one from us to paint your pet?

Admit it: few things are as cute or fun as a pet that’s been painted with a Plushie Paint Brush – it will turn your Neopet into a big plushie? With their stitches, buttons, button eyes, & yarn, who wouldn’t want to own one? Luckily, Plushie is a colour that almost all Neopets species come in! Not so luckily, one of these Paint Brushes can run you about 3,000,000 NPs. Plushie is a highly sought after colour & almost all Neopians like the look of both the brush & the result of their new pet after a quick trip to the The Rainbow Pool.

Do you love Plushies? What if your own neopet could look like a stitched up doll as well? These are the neopets that can be painted using the Plushie Paint Brush:

plushie krawkplushie lutari297-9516405plushie wockyplushie skeith2100-90408592101-75338892102-48833362103-32981152104-88732672105-38216032106-47204802107-99483062108-6613721plushie kougraplushie hissi2111-92810882112-41657072113-77968652114-90044042115-64584542116-3255738plushie uniplushie bruce2119-2449951plushie zafara2121-34079662122-3563108plushie buzzplushie scorchio2125-4221551plushie jubjub2127-16633422128-4164895plushie lupe2130-1511616plushie grundoplushie rukiplushie tonuplushie lenny2135-8584050plushie eyrie2137-41547812138-81424152139-87425482140-77301672141-59803982142-26734132143-74038192144-5292040plushie meerca2146-80039242147-33242662148-1797723