Polka Dot Paint Brush


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Polka Dot Paint Brush is the newest paint brush released on Neopets.com! Give your neopet, a bingo-style makeover with this paint brush. Many are calling it a mix between the Pastel and Spotted paint brush.

So far, they have released the Polka Dot Lenny as seen below:


Now there is mixed opinions regarding this Polka Dot Paint Brush coming from the neopian users, but for the most part, it’s highly disliked. Many players find it too simple for their liking, and many were expecting a Valentines Paint Brush.

 Here is what some Neopians had to say about this Polka Dot PB:

I’m curious to see what they do with the polka dot for other species. A little disappointed. I was hoping for a valentine’s day themed color :/ oh well

It’s no swamp gas, but unless you want your pet to look like candy I have no idea of how it’ll fit with most clothing. The color scheme isn’t bad, it’s just a lot of things at once.

Maybe it is because i do not appreciate the lenny… Maybe because there are already speckled and spotted paintbrushes out here.. maybe because that lenny looks like it has a case of the measles; i am not impressed.

I like it. And if not liking a new PB color is enough to make you threaten to quit, I think it is time you left or took a break. Sheesh the over reactions of people, on here, never ceases to amaze me.

jumpstart has come out with some pretty great stuff content wise i mean there hasn’t really been anything that would have made me set my expectations super low.. until now i guess. the lag doesn’t really correlate with content sO

I will say one good thing about the color. I like that they kept the dots small, because normally, when I think polka dots, I think really big dots. Like basically spotted but multicolored. If they did that, I would not have liked this color at all.

I dont love it and I dont dislike it either. My reaction is more like …Polkadot?…TNT, why? We do already have Spotted and Speckled colors. So I think TNT would need to do a pretty good job with Polkadot to win me over.