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These are pretty special items! When fed to your pet, Snorkle Snorts (formerly called Pork Snout) will give you the Snorkle avatar; that’s why that tiny little pink thing can sell for so much. You can buy this avatar item on the Trading Post for 300,000 NPs. Snorkle Snouts can also be found at the Spooky Foods store in the Haunted Woods. Another way to obtain it is by collecting all nine pieces of the Spooky Treasure Map, completing it. Years ago, Key Quest once gave them out with Silver and Gold keys, bringing their price down to just 60,000 NPs!

The Snorkle Snout is a relatively cheaper neopets avatar item! The snorkle snout price is currently 200,000 NP!

The Snorkle Snout neopets avatar looks like such:


To obtain the avatar, just simply buy the Snout and feed it to your pet to get the avatar!

The avatar was released in late 2003, and the cost of obtaining this neopets item is around 200,000 NP.


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