Super Attack Pea


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The Super Attack Pea is the one item that everyone on Neopets dreams of one day holding. But let’s be honest, the chances of completing this goal is like winning the lottery in real life! Did you know that when they were first released the SuAP, it only cost 200 Dubloons in the Smugglers Cove? That would mean they could be bought with a measly ~200,000 NP. The current trend price of the SuAP surpasses 1,000,000,000! That’s insane. It also is the most powerful battledome weapon released to battlers to date. It does a powerful 32 icons, dealing both air and earth icons!

Not only is the super attack pea one heck of a battledome item, it also has the ability to get you a spiffy new avatar! Upon attaching the suap to your pea chia, you will receive this new avatar:

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Battledomer Comments

This weapon is just *super*. B-) It is THE strongest and most dominant weapon in the battledome. However, everything has a weakness, and this pea’s weaknesses are reflectors. If someone used a dryer or shovel against this, a massive amount of damage will be dealt to the user. Also, Burrow demolishes the attack, but the Earth and Air can get through Sink. Use this weapon with Sword of Skardsen and your attack is almost invincible. This may sound like a dream weapon to most battlers, however, many people cannot afford one. The price soars around 300 million, which can easily buy a battler a complete battledome set. -Tranq

Power (4/4) The most powerful offensive multiuse weapon currently in neopia.Price (2/2) No equivalent weapons exist, this is a bargain at any price

Tactical (2/3) The sheer power is frightening, but most opponents battling at this level will be packing full earth defense and meaningful air defense.

Another Angle (1/1) Dream on. Did I mention that it gives an avatar?

Alternatives: Faerie Slingshot has a higher maximum, but much lower average.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Ultra Dual Shovel Pteri Morph + Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie

Fact: This is the best weapon that neopoints can buy.
Fiction: Once you have it you will win all your battles.Here`s why: While the super attack pea is the godly weapon of neopia, by the time you get strong enough and rich enough to get this, someone else would already have the Ultra Dual Shovel AND Jhudoras Wand to counter it. That`s why most of the elite battlers retire from 2 player battles. It`s just not worth spending so much only to get it turned against you. They would much prefer to go against 1 player battlers or create a weaker pet with their own set of weapons (with the pea as a hidden weapon)Never (I repeat NEVER) combo this with Seasonal Attack Pea against a battler who has UDS+Jwand or be prepared to lose.

I have peas too in my SDB: Bowl of Mushy Peas, Black Eyed Peas and Bag of Peas. They cost WAY less and are healthier.This pea, on the other hand, if accidentally fed to your pet Skeith or Graarl would be problematic to your mental health. So if you are person with a weak heart (and a Grarrl or Skeith) I recommend that you avoid *cough* DREAMING *cough* of getting one of these.

Anyway, here’s my serious rating for this weapon: Good weapon. Full 10 points.