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  1. Elise Kozler

    Still pretty amazing for the price, even at around a mil, although fairly easy to block at higher levels where FTab is present.

    This is amazing for 1p, and still not terrible for 2p just for the raw number of icons/np.

    Scarab ring takes a large chunk out of it, but until FTab there are no shields that can fully block this weapon alone.

  2. Elise Kozler

    This is the first item I`ve rated in who knows how long, and I do it for a reason. I`ve preached icon inflation for years now; it`s nothing new, and nothing that will be changing any time soon. I don`t need to go into detail here, but the point is that now apparently 13 icons is what 600k is going to get you.

    And for that reason, this weapon is hands-down amazing. 5 fire is incredible, combined with a diversified air, earth, and physical. There really isn`t much to not like here, and the next phase of weapons is several millions (and by several, I mean 10) away. Hands down a winner.

  3. Elise Kozler

    This item has two things going for it, power and price. It puts 12+ icons of firepower, multi-use, into the hands of virtually any serious player, and at a price that they`ll be able to afford. The icons are too diversified, but there are anough of them that eventhough some will likely be blocked, enough will get through to make the effort worthwhile for early through midlevel battling. Gets five icons through the G-Shield, and five through the faerie ability Sink. This and the Scarab Ring may be the two most disruptive debuts in the game. Unless you have an experienced battler`s power set to equip, there`s simply no reason, given the price, not to own one. I’d add for early-intermediate battlers, the multi-use nature of this item makes it a fine alternative to the single-use Honey Potion as the first step into real power for new fighters. Highly recommended as it`s about 80% as good as the Bow of Destiny and Wand of Reality at 25% of the price.

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