Taking Care of your Neopets

Taking Care of your Neopets

Neopets is called Neopets because…you own pets and play with them! They never die, but they most certainly have feelings and need to be fed otherwise they will starve! You need to know how to take care of your pets and this is just the guide to show you!

Creating a Pet
When you first create a neo account, you automatically get to pick a pet. You have a wide variety of pets you can choose from. Here are a few of the non limited edition pets.


    • Shoyru
    • Kourgra
    • Kacheek
    • Lupe
    • Uni
    • Gelert
    • Eyrie
    • Acara
    • Jub Jub
    • Grundo
    • Xweetok
    • Bruce
    • Ixi
    • Mynci
    • Usul
    • Wocky
    • Scorchio

Ok, Limited edition pets, which only come out on certain days, (ex. Cybunny Day) can’t be adopted unless they are released on their day. They’re are also pets which are called “restricted” pets that can only be received from eggs or any other method.

  • Kiko
  • Cybunny
  • Kiko
  • Chomby
  • Koi
  • Tonu
  • Hisii
  • Lutari
  • Draik (restricted)
  • Krawk (restricted)

    Draiks can get recieved from Draik Eggs when you go to the Draik Nest. If you can’t find it, just simply click here How about krawks? Well, you can’t get them from when it’s Krawk Day unfortunately. You can only get them by buying a krawk. What Krawk? The Krawk starts out as a pet pet but when you go to the fungus cave (which can be found here) it will grow into a pet krawk! Congratz! You now have your own pet……that you have to now name. When you name your pet, try to have its name with numbers in it or underscores. “Fishy” would not be a good name. Instead, you can add numbers and underscores onto it. You can choose from Fishy8718, Fishy_9321, 0Fishy0, 1__Fishy__1, and the list could go on and on and on. Anyways, when you have created your pet, you can make its stats anything you want it to be but you can only redo your pet’s stats 5 times. So when you have redone your pet’s stats for a fifth time, that’s it. Your pet will then show up on your userlookup! How cool is that?

Feeding your Pet

When we get hungry, we obviously need to be fed. Even though these pets are only virtual, they have feelings and need to be fed too. You get food from you newbie pack but you can also buy them from shops and when you do, go to your inventory (You get there by pressing Pet Central on the sidebar then click on ‘Your Items’) and click on the food you want to feed your pet. There’s a drop down menu with many different options but the one to feed your pet is usually at the top, called, “Feed INSERTPETNAMEHERE.” When you’ve clicked on the right option, click submit and your pet will react and say something like, “That was nice, but Im thirsty!!!” and below it will say INSERTPETSNAMEHERE was dying and now he/she is starving!Note: A new pet is already bloated so you don’t need to feed it. However, sometimes your pet will refuse to eat something else so don’t make it upset and try to force it to eat it! Just make note that it is not their favorite food and feed them something else. Ok, so the stages of your pet’s hunger level is:

  • dying
  • starving
  • famished
  • very hungry
  • hungry
  • not hungry
  • fine
  • satiated
  • bloated

Don’t try to feed your pet more after bloated because it will also refuse to eat whatever you are trying to feed it. You can also check your pet’s hunger level by going to Quick Ref. To get there, click Pet Central on the sidebar and then click Quick Ref above the snorkle pet pet.

Playing with your Pet
Your pets might get bored here and there so why not play with them? Again, you can buy toys from the shops and even get one from your newbie pack so, like feeding your pet, click on the toy and find the right option. Then click “submit!” Your pet should say something along the lines of, “More… more… lets play again!” Keep playing with it until your pet’s status is Extremely Happy or Cheerful. Aside from playing with your pet with toys, maybe you should try playing an actual game with it like “Cheat”. These kind of games can be found in Luck/Chance or For Kids section of the games. Try some of these games and your pet will become happier and you will become a better owner!

Painting your Pets
When you first create your pet, there are four default colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. But did you know you can paint your pets even nicer colors? Nope, not just pink and orange! You can also paint them Christmas and Baby! These paintbrushes are very expensive and can sometimes be found by a random event! I find that most paint brushes are 300k and more so save up those neopoints for some paintbrushes! Once you have bought one, it will be put into your inventory but there is no option of Painting your pet. Instead, go to “shops” option on the sidebar. You see the rainbow? Click there to go to the rainbow pool. There will be an option at the bottom of the page of which pet you want to paint! Then click, “submit!” Voila! Your pet will be a beautiful new color!

Petpets and Petpetpets
YOU own your pet. And your PET can own a PETPET. Guess what? That’s still not all! Your PET’S PETPET can own a PETPETPET! Petpets aren’t very cheap, the majority are 5k and up. When you first buy one, it’ll go into your inventory. Click on the item and find the option your want and click “submit!” Now go to Quick Ref and at the bottom should be your no name pet. Click on the pet pet to give it a name! However, your pet can not have more than one pet pet. Petpetpets can be found from random events (very rare :O) and unfortunately can’t be bought so cross your fingers and hope that your petpet will come across a petpetpet! Petpetpets can’t be named so when you click on your pet in your userlookup, at the bottom it will say INSERTPETPETSNAMEHERE the PETPETCOLOR PETPET and its Mootix (or whatever petpetpet you got).

Now remember, you can only have a maximum of FOUR neopets so choose wisely and take good care of them ;). You are now on your own…….

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