The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth Guide

The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth Guide

Basic Information: 

The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth
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The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 250000000 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
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This game is a prank to the old arcade games, that most of my readers never heard about. On those games you used to be a commander (often with pointy ears) of a cardboard spaceship that had by function kill space amoeba. For each amoeba you killed you’d receive an absurd amount of score points (like 20,000 per killed amoeba). Off course that they were also hard enough so nobody could ever kill a single enemy. Something similar happens on this game, that we’ll learn how to play and (more or less) beat on the following paragraphs.
Your controls (pixel arcade ftw) are quite simple: Arrow Keys will move you on that direction and spacebar will fire your laser weapon against the enemies.


Scoring System
Another unique feature of these old games is that the scoring system is made in a way that almost nobody can understand. The motto is “kill everything you see and your score will raise.”

You have a green number and an orange number. When you kill your enemies, the green number raises. The orange number (Score Multiplier) is represented by power ups that will define how much each enemy is worth.

Besides your regular enemies, you can raise your green score by shooting the following objects:

  • Space Fungus: 3 points plus10 Score Multiplier
  • Small Asteroid: 5 points plus 10 Score Multiplier
  • Large Asteroid: 10 points plus 25 Score Multiplier



Power Ups
These will help you through the game and it’s recommended that you collect them as soon as you see them.

Weapon: Only dropped at the end of a level

  • Extra Lives
  • Health
  • Shields

Mmmm, healthy


Enemy Spaceships

Space Bat – Two shots in V shape
Interceptor – A bit faster than the Space Bat
Fungus Ship – More resistant, they can release fungus blobs in any direction

Chomby Fire – Resistant, they shoot a full barrier line of shots
Stationary Gun – They don’t move, however they can shoot: three shots followed by two bombs that explode sending smaller shots into any direction
Missile Ship – Very resistant. They release sensitive bombs that will follow you and that can be destroyed.

Space Drone – They shoot very accurately in answer of being attacked. As regular offence, they make a spiral shooting pattern.
Battle Station – Still unknown if they can actually be destroyed. Each shoots in a pattern, juggling between aimed shots at you and a central barrier.
Sloth Frigate – Humongous black ship of doom they can shoot in way to, basically, cover the whole screen with the fire.



For a full walkthrough use the fantastic guide at Wretched_Master’s pet page.

Mission 1: Kreludor
4 Waves
Enemies: Space Bat (115)
You receive a Weapon Powerup

Mission 2: Babaria
4 Waves
Enemies: Space Bat (24) and Interceptor (57)

Mission 3: Fungor V
4 Waves
Enemies: Space Bat (23), Interceptor (10) and Fungus Ship (11)
You receive a Weapon Powerup

Mission 4: Meridellia
3 Waves
Enemies: Space Bat (35), Interceptor (3), Chomby Fighter (22) and Stationary Gun (11)
You receive a Weapon Powerup

From this moment on you’ll not receive anymore Weapon Upgrades and each Mission is composed by a single wave.

Mission 5: Sulphagne
Space Bat (24), Interceptor (24) and Missile Ship (31)

Mission 6: Aishon IX
Interceptor (59), Missile Ship (3) and Space Drone (29)

Mission 7: Sloth Headship
Interceptor (38), Stationary Gun (9), Missile Ship (63), Battle Stations (3) and Sloth Frigate (4)


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