Training at the Swashbuckling Academy Guide

Training at the Swashbuckling Academy Guide

Aye there be a couple o’ clam chowder lookin’ ye ar, o, well that be ye chowders! Need some muscle on here er’ bones! This be’d the perfect place!

Okay, so I’ll stop talking in pirate just to spare you. Ever heard of the training school in mystery island? Well in Krawk Island there’s an academy run by this crazy, pirate eyrie who still thinks he’s sailing the neopian seas.



The Swashbuckling Academy is a training academy run by Captain Three-legs a three legged eyrie. He loves talking about his days as a pirates to the trainees who come to have wisdom passed onto their new generation. Cap’n threelegs was a pretty rogue pirate who learned from his ways and was cleared of all charges when he took up the job of running the swasbuckling academy.The Swashbuckling Academy there are many rooms as it is a learning academy and there are several students. Short-term students who take the lesson pay and leave are not here. However there are those who really want to rise up to the top in the Battledome and live in the Academly long term to learn. Long ago in neopia, in November 2001 the Neopets V2 was the current plot. The Swashbuckling Academy was a very important part of the plot. One part of the plot regarded you to look in Room 109 of the Academy.


CoursesThe Swashbuckling Academy is a training school much like the one in Mystery Island. However there are some differences including:

  • It is paid for in Dubloons
  • It only trains up to level 40. (I guess ol’ Cap’n Threelegs isn’t as strong as he brags)
  • The courses take longer than the training school.
  • The Academy, at the same time, is slightly cheaper.
  • On your pet’s special holiday you get free training! (Check the news for more information)

See the training school and the swashbuckling academy are rivals. Same as Jhudora and Illusen if you know what I mean. So much like the two faeries, the swashbuckling academy will not admit you if you are currently enrolled in the mystery Island training school.Another extremely annoying thing about training is that in order to train endurance, strength, agility, and/or defence your level must be more than half of the other stat. So if your HP was 10 and your level was 5 and you wanted to gain more endurance you wouldn’t be able because the level less than half of the endurance. For an easy chart you can look at this ‘exciting’ chart:



Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Sea Urchin 10 and under
1 Dubloon
4 hours
Deckhand 11-20
2 Dubloons
6 hours
Pirate 21-30
5 Dubloons
8 hours
Cap’n 31-40
5 Dubloons
10 hours

Finding dubloons is hard, because they’re not as available as they used to be. Before you used to get 2 dubloon coins for getting a certain score in Deckswabber, dubloon disaster, etc! Now – either you buy dubloons or you get them from Coltzan’s Shrine. However random it might be.

One thing to ALWAYS remember is once your training is finished go to the Status page and click finish otherwise you will not get any levels, etc.!



AvatarsThere are several avatars for the Academy so let’s list all of them, shall we?


Complete any training course at the Swashbuckling Academy.
View training academy Room 2.
View training academy Room 45.
View training academy Room 15.
View training academy Room 2149.

Well, that’s all! Hope you enjoy!

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