Unconverted Neopets Trading Guide

Unconverted Neopets Trading Guide

Are you interested in trading your UC but you are not sure how to start or what is fair for it? Do you have an UC Dreampet you wish to obtain but you are unsure which converted pets could reach it’s value? Fear not, you are in the right place! In this guide I will show you all what’s needed for you to be successful on UC Trading, a game of patience, luck and knowledge that runs inside the Neopian Pound Neoboard. If you want to buy unconverted neopets, this guide is excellent for you!

Trading is a very simple science if you spend your time inside the PC (Pound Chat, name commonly given to this Neoboard) it has it’s own rules and every pet has a value that has been assigned based on popularity and rarity. Between those values, Unconverted Neopets are the ones that hold the top of the list, but even if they are the most look for pets, they have a clear rank between themselves (neopets tiers). One of the most important things when deciding to trade your UC or obtain one is knowing which is the ranking of it in the trading spectrum, or ‘tier’ how is commonly referred to in the PC.

With time, users have ranked UC pets in pyramids and tier systems, which has helped the community to agree in a certain value when trading UCs. Many experienced traders have created tier guides to reflect this phenomenon, taking in consideration the rarity, supply, demand and popularity of UCs. Here, we’ll help you out with a condensed UC tier pyramid based on the current state of the market, for you to use as a reference when starting your UC trading journey.

If you are seeking to purchase Unconverted Neopets, we have a wide selection for you to choose from:


Starting from the lowest tier on top to the highest tier on the bottom, this has been created based on current updated Unconverted Neopets value guides used on the PC and personal experience trading them.

Tier 1


Mutant Buzz – Mutant Jetsam – Mutant Meerca – Mutant Usul – Halloween Lupe – Sponge Grundo – Desert Poogle – Darigan Mynci.

Tier 2


Mutant Lupe – Mutant Scorchio – Coconut Jubjub – Marshmallow Grundo – Tyrannian Kau – Tyrannian Mynci – Tyrannian Nimmo – Tyrannian Peophin – Tyrannian Skeith – Tyrannian Quiggle – Desert Kau – Robot Blumaroo – Robot Gnorbu – Robot Jetsam – Robot Kacheek – Halloween Zafara – Halloween Wocky – Baby Eyrie – Sponge Koi – Sponge Moehog – Maraquan Chomby – Maraquan Grarrl – Maraquan Scorchio – Darigan Buzz – Darigan Grundo – Darigan Jetsam – Darigan Lenny – Darigan Meerca – Darigan Moehog – Darigan Shoyru – Darigan Tonu – Darigan Uni – Grey Jetsam – Grey Kau – Grey Koi – Faerie Kau – Faerie Moehog

Tier 3


Mutant Hissi – Mutant Skeith – Tyrannian Bori – Tyrannian Lenny – Tyrannian Techo – Desert Aisha – Robot Pteri – Baby Kougra – Baby Skeith – Sponge Kiko – Sponge Lupe – Darigan Acara – Darigan Blumaroo – Darigan Grarrl – Darigan Jubjub – Darigan Kau – Darigan Lupe – Darigan Pteri – Darigan Skeith – Darigan Usul – Darigan Zafara – Grey Grundo -Grey Jubjub – Grey Lupe – Grey Meerca – Grey Moehog – Grey Techo – Faerie Kougra

Tier 4


Usukiboy Usul – Tyrannian Blumaroo – Sponge Blum – Maraquan Kau – Darigan Bori – Darigan Cybunny – Darigan Eyrie – Darigan Gelert – Darigan Kougra – Darigan Kyrii – Darigan Peophin – Darigan Scorchio – Darigan Techo – Grey Aisha – Grey Chomby – Grey Cybunny – Grey Flotsam – Grey Grarrl – Grey Kacheek – Grey Korbat – Grey Mynci – Grey Poogle – Grey Shoyru – Grey Uni – Grey Wocky – Faerie Blumaroo – Faerie Kyrii – Faerie Meerca – Faerie Ruki

Tier 5


Usukigirl Usul – Halloween Moehog – Sponge Peophin – Maraquan Gelert – Maraquan Hissi – Maraquan Skeith – Darigan Bruce – Darigan Hissi – Darigan Yurble – Grey Eyrie – Grey Gelert – Grey Kougra – Grey Kyrii – Grey Peophin – Grey Pteri – Grey Scorchio – Grey Skeith – Grey Yurble – Grey Zafara – Faerie Aisha – Faerie Ixi – Faerie Lenny – Faerie Peophin – Faerie Pteri – Faerie Shoyru – Plushie Buzz

Tier 6


Quigukiboy Quiggle – Quigukigirl Quiggle – Sponge Aisha – Robot Ixi – Darigan Aisha – Darigan Ixi – Grey Acara – Grey Ixi – Faerie Xweetok – Faerie Yurble – Faerie Wocky – Plushie Bruce – Plushie Flotsam

Tier 7


Ice Bruce – MSP Poogle – Tyrannian Ixi – Darigan Kacheek – Darigan Korbat – Grey Tonu – Grey Usul – Faerie Tonu – Faerie Tuskaninny – Tyrannian Krawk – Royalboy Kougra – Royalgirl Kougra – Plushie Chomby – Plushie Cybunny – Plushie Grundo – Plushie Kau – Plushie Shoyru – Plushie Zafara

Tier 8


Faerie Draik – Faerie Grarrl – Faerie Techo – Darigan Krawk – Royalboy Cybunny – Royalgirl Aisha – Royalgirl Lupe – Royalgirl Mynci – Plushie Jetsam – Plushie Kiko – Plushie Kougra – Plushie Poogle – Tyrannian Draik – Royalboy Draik – Royalgirl Draik – Royalboy Acara – Royalboy Shoyru – Royalgirl Cybunny – Plushie Eyrie – Plushie Mynci – Plushie Aisha – Plushie Kacheek – Plushie Scorchio – Plushie Skeith – Plushie Tonu – Plushie Tuskaninny

Tier 9


Darigan Draik – Darigan Wocky- Grey Krawk – Plushie Draik – Royalboy Korbat – Royalgirl Korbat – Royalgirl Kyrii – Plushie Blumaroo – Plushie Hissi – Plushie Koi – Plushie Lenny – Plushie Lupe – Plushie Quiggle – Plushie Techo – Plushie Yurble – Maraquan Krawk – Plushie Krawk – Royalgirl Shoyru – Royalboy Kyrii – Royalboy Mynci – Plushie Bori – Plushie Gelert – Plushie Ixi – Plushie Korbat – Plushie Pteri – Plushie Usul – Plushie Wocky

Tier 10 


Royalgirl Grarrl – Royalboy Kau – Plushie Acara – Plushie Chia – Plushie Gnorbu – Plushie Grarrl – Plushie Kyrii – Plushie Meerca – Plushie Nimmo – Plushie Peophin – Plushie Uni – Royalgirl Kau – Plushie Elephante – Plushie Jubjub – Plushie Moehog

Now that you know how UCs are ranked, is time to talk about how you can trade for UCs easily, which things to take in consideration and what kind of ways to obtain them by trading there are on the PC. In UC trading, people tend to say that the hardest thing, and the thing that everyone wants to accomplish is ‘break into UCs’ which is the process when you manage to trade a converted pet for a UC. The converted neopets that can accomplish this are BDs, Names (RW/RNs, 3/4Ls) and Ice Boris.

Trading BDs for UCs

One of the most common kinds of converteds that can trade for UCs are Battledome Neopets, meaning, pets that have high stats to be used on fights. The main thing you need to pay attention in is the pet’s HSD. HSD stands for Health Strenght and Defence and you can calculate the HSD by adding up those 3 stats. HSD can be even or uneven, for example, if you pet is 600HSD even, this would mean that the stats are spread equitably and the pet might have stats like H=200, S=200 and D=200 while an uneven 600HSD pet might be H=400, S=150, D=50. An even BD pet has more chances of trading for an UC than an uneven one, same a trainable BD than one that isn’t.


A Neopet becomes trainable when it has enough level to raise any of it’s stats on one of the training schools (either the Cap’n Threelegs’ Swashbuckling Academy, Mystery Island Training School or Secret Ninja Training School). All the training schools have the rule that the highest stat /2 needs to be the min of the level of your pet in order for it to be able to train. For example, if your pet is LVL 20 and the strength is 50, you won’t be able to train the pet until you raise it’s level to at least 25 points.

In order to trade a BD pet for an UC, you need to raise it’s stats at least to 800-1000HSD trainable for you to be able to break into the first two UC tiers, as long as your pet is also WN. The stats you’ll need to higher tiers will only increase, reaching an amazing 4000HSD for the highest UC tier there is.

Either way, there are always UC owners willing to trade for BD pets so is a great way to break into UC trading. The key is to offer a WN trainable and even BD pet for you to succeed and is highly advised to don’t start training a pet from scratch since reaching the stats needed to trade for an UC takes a lot of time (and neopoints!). Is always good to start from a semi-BD pet which you can trade for a custom for example (royal or FFQ better) and start your trading chain from there!

Trading Names for UCs

Names, names names, the PC is crazy about names! You can totally reach an UC by having a nice named pet. The first thing you need to know is that this part of trading can be very subjective, since for example, you can have a grandmother named Lilesia so that pet name would worth a lot for you, but for others it might not mean anything at all. But, there are some kind of names that can be easily recognized by everyone, and it’s value will be clear for most of the users… and those are the kind of pets that you need to seek if you want an UC!


There are different kind of names that can trade for UCs. First we have RN or Real Names, like Alice, Rachel, Jose and so on. When more common the higher it trades! English RNs are the most requested ones, followed by Japanese RNs (if they have popular common anime character names much better) and some Spanish RNs. Then, we have RW or Real Words like Sun, Moon, Flower, Mortal. RWs can be a little bit more tricky since we can also find plurals and verb conjugations, which people offer like common but do not tend to trade pretty nicely unless is something with a lot of character potential like Birds or Flowers.

Not only RN and RW can trade for UCs, we also have the short-named pets! I’m talking about 3L/4L long names like Mira or Bin in which a balance between consonants and vocals is a must if you want to reach UC territory. Nehe has more trading value than Nrhe for example, since one is Cvcv (the perfect 4L!) while the other is Cccv (not pronounceable either!). There’s also the rare 1L/2L which trade pretty high for the rareness of such pets.

The nice thing about names is that you can even adopt one from the pound if you’re lucky and start your trading chain with it, and, if you’re also able to add an unlimited custom on your name, your chances grow even higher! Once again, when trying to get an UC with a name, you must know that this kind of trading is pretty subjective so I can’t give you clear guidelines on what kind of names trade for which tier, all I can tell you is that when more common, more chances to trade higher! So if you have a pet like Moon do not trade for one of the first UC tiers, shoot for the stars!

Trading Ice Boris for UCs

Ice boris can only be created if you downloaded a toolbar in 2004, they can not be painted, morphed, zapped or requested to the Fountain Faerie either, so, their value is pretty high and a WN one or a custom can easily trade for low-end UCs. If you didn’t download the toolbar, you still have the chance to get one, but only in December, on the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, which randomly selects an amount of submissions to transform your pet into whichever converted pet you want.


Despites their rareness, they can only reach about tier 3 in the UC pyramid and not higher, but with years passing they become more and more rare so this might change in the near future and they could eventually trade higher than right now.

Robot Draik/Krawks for UCs?

This last way of trading from converted to UC has an interrogation sign in the end and I don’t advise you to stick to this way since even if some of this guys have been traded for low-end UCs, this is a thing that occurs less and less with time because of the drop of value on draik and krawks. Still, robot is a pretty rare color that can only be given by the Lab ray or an special ray given on the Virupets plot that is no-trade.


So, why is this not happening as often as it did? Since the Krawk Island dailies give Krawk and Draik potions, eggs and plushies, people have been able to create more of this two species and, due this, many are using them as labrats, thing that didn’t happen when they were worth 8 to 10m NPs each… creating like this a higher chance of robot zapping draik or krawk, and more of them in the market.

With time passing by, is very likely that the potions that create both species fall even lower in value, and their rareness gets even lower and lower, which will delete the chance of getting an UC by trading a Robot draik or krawk. So in a couple years you won’t be able to find this section on the guide any longer!

So, you were able to break into UC territory already?

Good! We can talk now about what things to follow when trading your UC for other UCs. You have just completed the first step of the process, now starts the hard part: trading up.

Everyone and their mother are trying to trade up on the PC, trying to accomplish that high-end UC dreampet that they love and hope to own one day… so, trading up might be a little hard since not many are willing to trade down and give others over-offers. Eventually, you’ll learn that you won’t be able to jump 2 tiers with your UC easily in just one trade, it might take 3 or more, which means months of advertising and seeking for offers. But fear not! I’m here to give you a couple tips on how to trade UC for UCs better.

First of all, names are a huge deal in UC trading, since it’s much more common to find BN UC pets than WN (much less VWN!) so if you have a VWN UC your chances of trading up get higher. If for any reason, you find yourself stuck with a BN UC and nobody wants to trade with you, the best option is to down-trade in tiers but upgrade the name of the pet you get. For example, trading a BN UC Grey Koi for a VWN UC Mutant Lupe will help you trade smoother and faster.


Secondly, do not over-advertise your pet! If you make boards every single day and you have them up all day long, people will start to get used to such pet being UFT and they’ll eventually start thinking of it as HTT (Hard to trade) for seeing it around with you for too long without good offers. This can really kill your chances of trading up. Instead, keep a low profile. Be sure that people know you have such pet UFT but don’t rub it on everyone’s faces. Your best option is you send offers by neomail and post as UFT on UC Trading Boards.

Third, be sure to have in mind the popularity of UC pets. Is not the same having an UC Faerie Ixi than an UC Darigan Bruce, even if they are on the same tier, their values are very different. Sure, you can trade the Ixi for the Bruce and it would be considered a ‘fair trade’ but the Ixi has more chances to trade higher than the UC Bruce for several reasons. First of all, the colors they have. UC Faeries tend to be more requested than UC Darigans. And secondly, the specie of each pet and how loved they are by the common PC population. UC Ixies are much more loved than UC Bruces because Ixies are more popular and have more character potential.

And last but not least: patience. You will have to wait days, weeks… maybe even months! But do not settle for bad offers, don’t. Multiple are the times that people have traded thinking they could not get anything better, just to see the new owner up-trade with your old pet, just in front of your eyes (worst feeling ever). Wait until you find the offer that could bring you higher than you’re right now and be humble when accepting. Do not rush and look anxious by neomail, since they will smell your fear.

If you follow these tips, and keep in mind UC tiers, you’ll be a master in UC trading in no time. I hope this guide was helpful in getting to know the mechanics of this art that is trading, and you’re able to trade for your UC dream pets in no time! Best of luck in your search, neopian!


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