Unconverted Neopets Guide

Unconverted Neopets Guide

Welcome to the UC Guide, a place in which you’ll be able to learn what are Unconverted Neopets, what it means and how to tell if your pet is an UC or not. If you already have knowledge about the subject, don’t click away just yet! Here you can also find a FAQ section dedicated to UC owners and updated news that will help you to take a better care to your little Neopet. Did you know that with the creation of Unconverted Neopets, there opened a whole new market where Neopians sought out to buy unconverted neopets?

What does Unconverted mean?

On April 27 of 2007, TNT released big updates on the page with a complete site renew which included mainly a change in the art style of all Neopets. This change was mainly made to allow the introduction of wearables to customise your pet with different clothes and accessories. The new artwork changed the basic body shape of each species so that each color variation of the species could wear the same clothing, but this made that Neopets who had clear variations due their color, like Darigan, Desert, Faerie, etc suffer a very drastic change on their design.

Because of this, many of the pets that were already created and had this colors, were given the option to remain with the old art style but with the bad part of not being able to wear clothes. The Neopets that remained with the old art style were called ‘unconverted’ and the ones that decided to change or were automatically changed were called converted.

Which are the differences between Unconverteds and converteds?

The first thing you will notice is the art style of the pet, with time you’ll most likely be able to remember which UCs exist and identify them when you see them around, but if you’re new in this I’ll be helping you with a list of all the Neopets that had the option to remain unconverted (which will be listed bellow the FAQ section of the guide).

After the art style, the main difference between UC and converteds is that unconverteds can’t wear clothes or accesories: they can only be dressed with backgrounds, trickets, sound effects and anything that doesn’t require to be putted over the pet itself. While converteds can wear any wearables in existance.

At the same time, when a pet is unconverted, it will show a small disclaimer on it’s quick Reference Page, at the Notices section, that can allow you to convert it as well if wanted, but that if not can just become a sign to be sure of when the pet belongs to the old art style of the site.

If I paint an unconverted pet will it become converted?

Yes, any changes in color or species to an Unconverted pet will automatically make it a converted pet. This includes the use of paint brushes, morphing potions, transmogrification potions and the lab ray. There are no ways to create UC Neopets at the moment, and TNT has declared that they don’t have plans in the near future to implement something like this either.

If I pound or transfer an UC pet will it auto convert?

No, UC Neopets do not convert while in the pound or while being transferred-only the owner can convert a pet by clicking on the link shown on the Quick Reference page or by doing any of the color/specie changes detailed before.

If I change the gender of an Unconverted royal pet, will it convert-even if both royal genders of the pet have an unconverted version?

If you use a potion or fight the lab ray scientist to change the pets, gender, it will not convert them, though UC Royal pets, when they get their gender changed in these way, do not change artwork to that of the other gender, but it will stay the UC Royal that it was before but with a different gender. There is no possible way to change an Unconverted to another Unconverted neither by gender changing.

But if you ZAP the pet in the Secret Laboratory, and it changes genders, it will convert. If you zap an unconverted royal to a gender change, it’s look will change, which means it automatically goes to the converted pose. You will not get an Unconverted version of the other gender because the entire look of the pet is changing it will automatically become a converted version of the pet.

UC Neopets can change gender safely if you fight the lab ray scientist or use a potion, the pet will remind unconverted and it’s gender will change, so don’t be afraid to try this.

Is TNT ever going to automatically convert all the Unconverted pets?

No plans have been made to do so as of yet, and TNT has stated in editorials that they would not convert the remaining UC pets.

My pet was painted before the conversion. Why is he/she converted?

As said before, only certain species and color combinations were given the option. If your pet wasn’t one of those given the option, he/she was automatically converted to the new art style on the game.

Can my Unconverted pet get converted by random events?

Not anymore! Before, this was something that did happen when having your UC pet as active, since they were affected by random events of color change like Boochi, Invisibleness and Rainbow Water. But on April 16th of 2010, TNT declared that all UC Neopets are inmune to them now as a perk to loyal users. So there’s nothing to fear on that aspect anymore, feel free to use your UCs as active and show them everywhere!

Which Unconverted Neopets are there?

We finish this guide with this last question and showing you the images of all the pet that had the option to remain unconverted and that exist in Neopia. The colors that had species with the options to remain unconverted are: Baby, Darigan, Desert, Faerie, Grey, Halloween, Maraquan, Mutant, Plushie, Royal, Robot, Sponge, Tyrannian and Miscellaneous (Coconut, Ice, Marshmallow, MSP, Quiguki and Usuki).

Bellow you’ll be able to see a list in alphabetical order by the color of the pets, be sure to give it a couple minutes if you have a low internet conection so all the images can load!


2-4156822 2-7061226 2-1390773




2-9246226 2-4851603 2-7723441 2-9001911 2-1686617 2-8966525 2-6209521 2-7631694 2-8741750 2-8578921 2-8293761 2-3798918 2-2941241 2-6577116 2-3243834 2-4610177 2-1095660 2-7992198 2-5776447 2-9326323 2-8084160 2-1035348 2-4063987 2-1918648 2-1795100 2-8928816 2-6517025 2-4402660 2-9826457 2-4780474 2-5859443 2-8655303 2-4730651 2-4897783 2-7673718 2-6970450 2-3328442 2-6495262 2-4476109


2-7923219 2-6598031 2-7428258


2-5617960 2-8565691 2-5656776 2-2717045 2-3363631 2-8338692 2-3688272 2-5818701 2-4912457 2-7221364 2-1108777 2-2071663 2-6455369 2-9287965 2-2609735 2-4930935 2-6768196 2-4088984 2-5844549 2-6236235 2-6223808


2-8653667 2-3093543 2-1958435 2-4222812 2-1263456 2-1259605 2-6952553 2-5450508 2-3954437 2-3939390 2-1395317 2-5200003 2-7957263 2-9476008 2-8171348 2-2702663 2-5514341 2-9146284 2-1127584 2-4751790 2-7564263 2-5945363 2-9121227 2-9998058 2-2267794 2-3838825 2-6711252 2-7884178 2-9806529 2-2510809 2-1308276 2-7571982 2-4844919 2-2528139 2-5240473 2-3937553


2-8502650 2-9088730 2-9407176 2-4290904






2-5393236 2-7837514 2-7364768 2-7972363 2-9940897 2-8450602 2-8487052 2-1524230




2-6995535 2-8773818 2-1428339 2-2092523 2-8428099 2-9908616 2-8051671 2-8567147


2-2735566 2-6040879 2-8942404 2-2565877 2-2632875 2-9999815 2-5741774 2-5812494 2-3856704 2-2121599 2-5455112 2-8776469 2-1318870 2-2673979 2-5174850 2-1623644 2-8790780 2-4789825 2-5695426 2-9690862 2-7278227 2-5271029 2-5220585 2-4070528 2-6903210 2-3638610 2-7347698 2-5847939 2-5652147 2-4081181 2-7725759 2-8439820 2-9722391 2-1156332 2-5013075 2-1972997 2-3603256 2-8663548 2-2005685 2-6314563 2-1906429 2-1443965 2-2965072 2-5765587 2-1848957 2-7990301 2-6986479 2-8014944 2-9531134 2-7122231


2-3047045 2-8651959


2-2763384 2-5713101 2-2293271 2-5684702 2-4762898 2-7049007


2-9382149 2-9164369 2-1793899 2-5233170 2-6256067 2-4231809 2-7118507 2-4538873 2-4158865


2-6130967 2-7953253 2-2273620 2-3054113 2-4216078 2-9200375 2-3067039 2-5974553 2-2520147 2-6237508 2-1927349


2-1696555 2-5811187 2-1698930 2-5152074 2-3670595 2-3661103 2-5521347 2-1201498


2-9524546 2-9435893 2-4407518 2-3087277 2-9711643 2-7671960 2-5843493 2-6092935 2-4159708 2-1237867 2-4717708 2-6507477 2-4089940


2-8950743 2-3445981

I hope this guide was useful and now you understand Unconverted Neopets in a better way. Be sure to keep your pets safe and avoid zapping them or using specie/color changes on them, and you’ll be able to enjoy your UC for many years to come! Best of luck, Neopian.


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