Viacom Sells to Jumpstart!

Viacom Sells to Jumpstart!

Out of nowhere, it was announced today that has switched ownership to Jumpstart! If your not familiar with Jumpstart, think back in your younger days and the educational games you played as a child.

Now it’s way too early to determine what Jump Start has in plans for Neopets, but one can only hope for the best. We all know the popularity of has been declining at a steady rate ever since switched ownership to Viacom. Jumpstart must have been already aware of this, and with the multi-million dollar purchase, they must have some big plans.

JumpStart Logo

Contrary to popular belief, most people think Jumpstart will be transforming into a Kindergarten website, however they were only interested in because of the older age group of the players as confirmed by snarkie.

Let’s all sit back, and hope for the best now. Maybe this is the change that will push forth!

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