Wheel of Extravagance

Wheel of Extravagance can be found in Qasala, or by visiting this link.


The Neopets Wheel of Extravagance will cost you 100,000 neopoints for one spin, and you’re limited to one spin a day.

Overall, we’ve found the neopets wheel of extravagance odds not to be in our favor, nor to be profitable after spinning it 100 times, however, it is a fun wheel to spin once in awhile, or if you’re going for the avatar.


There isn’t any wheel of extravagance cheats, however we do have information regarding prizes you can obtain from the wheel. The prizes are listed below, corresponding to the numbers shown above on the wheel.

Wheel of Extravagance Prizes

Number Prizes
1 Nothing.
2 25,000 Neopoints.
3 One of three: a nerkmid, SLM piece, or job coupon.
4 Random Paint Brush.
5 50,000 Neopoints.
6 Wheel of Extravagance avatar.
7 Wheel of Extravagance Background.
8 +5 boost for one of five of your statistics for your active pet.
9 100,001 Neopoints.
10 Wheel of Extravagance Stamp.
11 +10 boost for one of five of your statistics for your active pet.
12 Rarity 100 Item (Super rare to get this though!).

To get the Wheel of Extravagance avatar, you have to land on number 6 on the wheel, or more specifically the space with the square on it.


Limited edition items, only available from this wheel:

Wheel of Extravagance Background
Wheel of Extravagance Stamp