Neocola Machine Guide

Neocola Machine Guide

The Neocola is a strange machine out there in the moon of Kreludor. It’s a sort of a strange contraption to have on a moon. A cola machine? Who the heck woudld put it there? Well the theory is it’s sloth. Why sloth? Well the little machine gives out prizes, prizes that are capable of doing mayhem. Not world-wide mayhem, but enough mayhem. Is this the legacy that Dr. Sloth left behind? Just to be a little annoyance to the remaining neopets of neopia? Maybe so, let’s learn more about what exactly this neopets machine does.



Tokens are how your are able to access the neocola machine. They’re usually a few thousand neopoints to buy in user shops. You can get them in the Space Weaponary shop for a few hundred neopoints but they’re quite hard to snag being a popular item. The different tokens are the red token, the green token, and a blue token. They are shown in the three above images.

How does it work?

Well once you’ve cleared that yes, you do have tokens – you have to choose which token out of the three you want to use. Then the flavor of Cola. Here are the different flavors of NeoCola:

  • Dr. Slother <= One of the other suspicions sloth made this machine…
  • Diet Doom
  • Na’cho Cola
  • Smite
  • Alt-TabNeopets Neocola Machine
  • Minion Maid
  • Mountain Poo
  • Dehydrated H2O O.o Just… O.o

You get to choose between the number of buttons to press. Either you can press 01231042. One interesting fact I’d like to point out is one of the numbers is 42. If you’ve seen the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or read the book you know 42 is the answer to the life, universe, everything. Just an interesting fact!

Neocola Machine Guide


Yes you get a tiny prize! The prizes can range anything to the cheap-o Kreludan grundo slippers to the expensive Baby Space Fungus. You also get a couple of neopoints aswell. Here are the list of prizes:

  • Kreludan grundo slippers
  • I Club Sloth T-Shirt
  • Sponge Grundo Sponge
  • Non-Sticky Sticky Hand
  • Clockwork Dr. Sloth toy
  • Plastic Ring of Sloth
  • Shaken-up Can of Neocola
  • Kreludan Space Ship Key Ring
  • Baby Space Fungus

However if you are not lucky, than you don’t even get a booby prize, you get absolutely NO prize!

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