Wheel of Monotony Cheats Guide

Wheel of Monotony, that one boring wheel that no one wants to spin and wait hours waiting for it to stop! So you want to know what you’re going to get on the Wheel of Monotony as soon as you spin it? Do you want to know how long it will take or the time left for the wheel to stop spinning? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked into the back-end of the wheel, and have discovered a the wheel of monotony cheat, or calculator per-say! This cheat allows us to see what prize we will receive, without having to wait till the wheel stops.


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Now you must open the wheel in a new window, but don’t go through Tyrannia or games, you have to go through this link:


For some reason Neopets isn’t letting me put this particular link. The problems with the wheel loading, I think is with the problems of all flash games loading. I’ve noticed a significant increase in time waiting to load. I’m sorry about that, but that seems to be TNT’s problem. Now you have to maximize the browser window, and there should be a whole bunch of html/xml text on the right side of the screen. This just lists the Prize Index which I’ve provided for you already. Click spin in that window. The right side text should change to a much shorter length than the previous page’s. You then want to right click on the text and select all the text. You want to then copy it and paste onto a text editor like Notepad or Word. Click here to view other Neopets Cheats.

Neopets Wheel of Monotony

It should look something like this:

<?xml version=’1.0′ standalone=’no’?><message success=”1″>
<P ALIGN=”CENTER”><FONT SIZE=”16″><a href=”http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/monotony/monotony2.phtml?
user_spun=guest&r=4669″><U>Collect Prize</U></A></FONT></P>


The only important information that you need from this text is the Prize Index Number (PIN) and the Duration. The PIN should look something like this: <prize>A number 1-16</prize>. If you get a number 99, it means you wither did not have enough NP to spin or have spun within the past 24 hours (although glitches may occur and result in a spin). The PIN will correspond to the list I’ve provided (in this case I got an 11 which is the rock) and the duration time (in this case 3448000) will tell you when you can claim your prize, or the answer to when how long will it take to stop spinning. So now you know what prize it is and when you will receive it. If it is worthwhile, leave the window open, if not then close it, and it won’t be claimed.

Wheel of Monotony Cheats

If you want to check the time left in that the wheel of monotony stops spinning, you can view:


One warning though, this WILL act like you ‘claiming’ your prize. So when the wheel window you have open finishes spinning, it might say that there isn’t a valid spin on this account. If do go to the above page, you WILL GET whatever prize your are suppose to get (like your pets losing half their hit points). It should look something like this:

username=guest&server=Our records show that the wheel hasn’t finished spinning!&timeleft=3448000

To calculate duration time you have to take off the last three zeros (in this case 3448) and divide the remaining number (usually four digits) by 60 and that will tell you how many minutes remain( in this case 3448/60=57 minutes).

You can claim your prize before the wheel stops spinning as long as the status of your spin says ‘done’.

Steps For Claiming Your Prize Later

  1. Close your window (by choice or by accident)
  2. Make sure wheel_mono_get_prize.phtml says ‘done’ (Has to be withing 24 hours of the spin).
  3. Check monotony2.phtml to see what it is.

I know this guide is long, but I wanted to be as clear as possible. I hope all you Neopians can now instantly check and claim your prizes!

Monotony Prize Index


Petpet Brush
Gourmet Food
5,000 NP
Question Mark
Faerie Pancakes
Red Codestone
Bri Codestone
Lottery Ticket
20,000 NP

This is just an idea of what you will get, it’s not an all inclusive list.

Panel Possible Prizes
Mazzew – Mazzew Petpet
– Sabre-X Plushie
Petpet Paint Brush – Wheel of Monotony Avatar
– Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush
Three Berries/Gourmet Food – Evil Blancmange
– Honey Blossom
– Raptraphant Leg
Burning Stick/Tyrannian Weapon – Tyrannian Weaponry
– Your neopet loses half their HP. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
Bag of Neopoints – 5,000 neopoints
– I Love Kacheekers T Shirt
– Kacheekers Strategy Guide
– Kacheekers Poster
– Pterattack Poster
– Sargug Plushie
– Wheel of Monotony Mug
– Wheel of Monotony Pen
– Wheel of Monotony Plushie
– Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt
Question Mark – Lottery Ticket
– Pterattack Action Figure
– Wheel of Monotony Avatar
Faerie Pancakes – Your neopet will be blessed and one of its skill levels will be increase. Your neopet must have at least one faerie skill bestowed on it previously for this to work. To have faerie skills bestowed on your neopet, release a bottled faerie on it. Note that if your neopet isn’t a high enough level, the freed faerie will simply fly away so you should consider increasing your neopet’s level at the various training schools.
Red Symbol/Red Codestone – Mag Codestone
– Sho Codestone
Green Symbol/Bri Codestone – Bri Codestone (which bears the same symbol)
– Main Codestone
Volcano – New battledome opponent (Magnus the Torch)
– Takes you to the volcano at the edge of Tyrannia
Rock – Your neopet loses half their HP. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
Scroll of Paper/Poster -Flaming Gauntlet
-Fungus Ball Ball
– Fungus Ball BeanBag
– Fungus Ball Lamp
– Fungi Ball Lamp
– GoGoGo Handbook
– I Love Kacheekers T Shirt
– Kacheekers Board
– Kacheekers Plushie
– Kacheekers Poster
– Kacheekers Board Game
– Kyruggi Plushie
– Pterattack Action Figure
– Pterattack Bean Bag
– Pterattack Game Guide
– Sabre-X Plushie
– Sargug Plushie
– Uggsul Plushie
– Wheel of Monotony Mug
– Wheel of Monotony Pen
– Wheel of Monotony Plushie
– Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt
– Wheel of Monotony Poster
– Green Brightvale Job Coupon
Blank Ticket – Lottery Ticket
Paint Brush – Tyrannian Paint Brush
– Wheel of Monotony Avatar
– Bri Codestone
Pteradactyl/Beast – Takes you to the Lair of the Beast where a Pteradactyl jumps out and scares you and your pets. Be ware of the sound! Your neopet will lose half their HP. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
Five Neopoint Bags – 20,000 neopoints
– Wheel of Monotony Avatar
– Rock (pet loses half his/her HP)