Bag of Healing Dust


Bag of Healing Dust

Bag of Healing Dust

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$39.99 $23.99


Mystical healing dust that King Altador has used for ages. The Bag of Healing Dust, or BoHD, is a full healer!


  1. Elise Kozler

    If you lab or refuse to change your pet’s species to use a species healer, can’t afford a Jade Scorchstone or Leaded Elemental Vial, and have 150+ hit points, there is really no alternative to this (stay away from that Ice Scorchstone!). A guaranteed, strong heal is an absolute necessity, and this is an excellent and much-needed addition to the BD.

  2. Elise Kozler

    This isn’t that great for lab pets. For much less you could buy a Kacheek Flour (~3-3.5m) and a Kacheek Life Potion for much less, and you would be able to heal more, if you timed it correctly. In addition, you don’t NEED to own a K-Flour, since you can borrow one. Plus the lab really doesn’t change species that much from my experience with the lab.

    This weapons niche is for pets who already have nice sets, and are using a pet with a good species resistance (such as a Pteri or Schorchio). Otherwise why not just go with the KLP.

  3. Elise Kozler

    Power: (3/3) 50% heal for any species!

    Price: (2/2) At 7.5m its not too much as far as healers go. Much more expensive then species healers but atleast you can lab:P

    Tactical (2/3): Healing is a must in the battledome. If you want to lab and dont want to keep having to change species then this is the healer for you.

    Another point: This is a weapon many people have been waiting for, thanks TNT:) However, with LEV at only 19m now, this isnt as attractive. For only 12m more you could have a full healer:) As LEV climbes back up in price and exceeds many battlers’ affordability this becomes for suitable.

    Alternatives/Upgrades: Any species healer or Leaded Elemental Vial or Jade Scorchstone

    1p/2p: (2/2) Healing is a must in the battledome. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting in 1p or 2p.

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