Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie


Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie

Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie

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$99.99 $69.99


Strong in attack, and with the power to nearly completely block attacking earth magic, the Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie has been locked in the Hidden Tower for centuries.


  1. Elise Kozler

    Power: (2/3) Blocks all earth, 2 air and deals 3-6 icons

    Price: (1/2) Well right now its around 15m, which is a bit steep compared to other full earth blockers. The fact that this is a retired HT item and deals 3-6 offensive icons factors into its price.

    Tactical (2/3): Awesome against those peas in upper level battling. Shuts down AP and takes a chunk out of SAP and SuAP. For lower level battling it takes out HP and a bit of Gbomb.

    Alternatives/Upgrades: Illusens Silver Shield, Shield of Pion Troect, Pirate Captains Hat, and Potion of Concealment

    1p/2p: (1/2) Great for 2p against those peas. I really only recommend this weapon if you see peas often. Not much good in 2p unless an opponent is doing all earth.

    Defenses: Just don’t use earth

  2. Elise Kozler

    This is a classic weapon, beloved by many but oh so overpriced. A good investment? Without a doubt. A good weapon: Without a doubt. A price-effective weapon? Don’t think so, just get a Shield of Pion Troect for less than a third of the price of this beauty. The best air defence can get (apart from Ultra Dual Shovel of course)

    Fullproof earth defense, the best so far, but also the most expensive.

    It does more damage and has a ‘stronger’ added defense than the alternative Shield Of Pion Troect, but also costs nearly twice as much. You think about the trade off. At higher levels i’d preffer the staff, a couple more icons and better added defense can really make the difference.

    Nevertheless, if you just plan to do 1player fights, you’re way better off with the Pirate Captains Hat, which is a lot cheaper, defends more, but its semi-fragile.

  3. Elise Kozler

    The defence on this is really great.. Earth is so common with seasonal attack peas, attack peas, and faerie slingshots that this could really hurt a high-level opponent.. Alternatives to this would be ultra dual shovel, which reflects 75% of earth damage, or shield of pion troect.

    With the high commodity of earth icons, the defense is great, not to mention it can block up to 4 air as well. 4-6 icons really isn’t bad for some added firepower. Good for people with some money.


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