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Faerie Slingshot

Faerie Slingshot

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$199.00 $99.99


This powerful artifact was created from two other slightly-less powerful artifacts!

The FSS is tricky weapon, as the amount of icons it deals is not certain everytime. The icons the Faerie Slingshot deals is a gamble, sometimes it’ll be high and sometimes it’ll be low, which is why most of the higher end BD’ers tend to stay away from the Faerie Slingshot.

However, wielding Dual Fss, has been popular among the battledome community.



  1. Elise Kozler

    I really like this weapon because of it’s 1/3rd chance of doing the most icons possible with 1 weapon in the whole game. On average this weapon can still pull off 20+ and the weapon is difficult to block with only 1 shield. The price tag is quite high, but otherwise, a great weapon.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Given the insane inflation of all weapons (Ghostkersword included), this is a phenomenal weapon.

    Sure, it can stink sometimes, but if in a long battle, it will definitely do you justice. The mass earth/light/physical is insane to defend against, as attempting to fully subdue this weapon would mean you have to pretty much spend most of your effort trying to block it. If given the chance, I would definitely get two of these for the sake of having a lot of icons (as having two would mean there’s a 55% chance at least one works every turn).

    All in all, this weapon is definitely a great asset to include in your set and a great investment in general; these will continue to inflate more and more, so stock up. :P

  3. Elise Kozler

    First of all, I would only get this as you upgrade your set. If it were me, I would absolutely not trade away an entire set for one constant. I see too many people do that and end up getting back a full set later on.
    That being said, if you can afford this, then get it. As stated by other raters, it`s fantastic for shortening 1p battles and good in 2p dome as well…but only when it hits. For 2p especially, with the randomness in Strong Hits is where you will begin to dislike this weapon and I know of a few who have gotten rid of this due to that fact and picked up Ghostkersword or are saving up for Peas, etc.
    Good defensive measures include Pirate Captains Hat, Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie, Ultra Dual Shovel, Combo Battle Mirror, Winged Scarab, Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard, Yooyuball Player Sling, or one of my personal favorites, Shield of Pion Troect.

    Overall a great weapon, and for owners of pets with higher sets, almost essential.

    Upgrades: As stated, various Peas, or dual slings.
    Downgrade: Ghostkersword, Pirate Captains Cutlass, or Sword of Skardsen.

  4. Elise Kozler

    Power: (3/3) A possible 60 icons, not 55 icons as stated above which is 0_0 and a 20 icon average.

    Price: (1/2) Currently around 90 million its not affordable to most players. However, there arent many left around and for the icons it does the price isnt bad.

    Tactical (3/3): This can be amazing in battles where your opponent has no defences for it. It will force your opponent to use a defence for it every turn in case it hits, allowing you to mix things up. Imagine it hitting hard twice or even 3 times in a row. When it doesn’t hit its not a total loss you are still doing 5-7 icons.

    Alternatives/Upgrades: Attack Pea, Ghostkersword and Seasonal Attack Pea, and Skarls Sword.

    1p/2p: (1/2) Fabulous in 1p, especially to shorten those long battles. Decent in 2 player but once an opponent knows you have one they will most likely pick up some sort of defence for it.

    Defenses: Pirate Captains Hat is a good defence for this, also check out Ultra Dual Shovel, Yooyuball Players Sling, Fyoras Looking Glass, Superior Reflection Shield,Kings Lens,Combo Battle Mirror, and Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard

  5. Elise Kozler

    Power (4/4) Over 20 Average icons, and the highest maximum of any weapon available in neopia.

    Price (1/2) Somewhat more than other weapons with similar average icons.

    Tactical (3/3) The highest maximum of any weapon available in neopia. You need two of these to win Balthazar Basher. The potential to hit for 50+ icons can force an opponent to be over defensive.

    Another Angle (0/1) The high randomness is a definite downside and can lose matches in 2p.

    Alternatives: Ghostkersword Has a roughly equal average

    Upgrades: Only the various Attack Peas and Wand of the Dark Faerie have notably higher averages

    Defenses/Countermesures: Cross your fingers and hope for the weak hit. Full blockers such as Pirate Captains Hat, Yooyuball Players Sling, and Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie, Skarls Sword, or reflectors like Combo Battle Mirror and Ultra Dual Shovel do offer some defense, but this is a hard weapon to beat without using both your slots and leaving yourself open to the second weapon.

  6. Elise Kozler

    Well in contrast to my fellow rater stimulatus, I have to admit that I am a real fan of this weapon.Having this one should be a goal of a neopian if you ask me, why,easy.By the time you get this you would have a great set build around it already with possibly 2 good constant hitters for when you need them.The extra damage you get by the awesome strong hit this weapon has might give you the extra war points or whatever to reach your goal,whatever that goal may be.Downside ofcourse is that it can fail you at that moment, but if you don’t want it to fail,just use your other multiple use weapons.I love this weapon as a combo weapon but not on itself, still if you can get this, you can also get something like SOS+g sword for backup when you need the constant icons.My conlusion: This isn’t ultimate (also because of the high price tag )but very very good, so I give it an 8 ;)

  7. Elise Kozler

    Gah, I really don’t like this weapon because so many people like this one blindly.

    Yes, its max is high, but it only hits that high 1/3 of the time! As a matter of fact, its likely that in a single battle you won’t even get a max hit. What’s frustrating about this one is that the rest of the time have this pathetic 5-7 hit which isn’t enough for anything.

    Regarding defensive strategies, the new Pirate’s hat sends this far far away, but no single weapon will totally wipe this out. The physical icons work in favor of this weapon, but even on the max hit (which is already variable enough) they are too variable.

    This is so unreliable that I would never count on it to win a battle. It’s great for pets who can’t beat stronger pets any other way, but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. Then again, you could use it to find out your max damage but what a waste of the 30mil and counting.

  8. Elise Kozler

    The Faerie Slingshot is my favorite weapon. It’s worth more now, because Faerie Acorns are retired, but still seem like a good investment.

    It never does nothing, so that’s plus. And also nice icon variety.

    Very very good weapon, a bit based on luck though, so watch out for that.

    The FSS hits more if your opponent is weaker than yours.

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