Battle Plunger


Battle Plunger

Battle Plunger

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$150.00 $139.99

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This magical plunger has a life of its own, but it has secrets that pets do not dare to mention in public!


  1. Elise Kozler

    This, along with Golden Pirate Amulet, are two of the best possible weapons for rich, low level battlers.

    Water is one of the least expected icon types, meaning it`ll often get through unblocked. The unblockable drain is the killer though. The full water block is nice, but there aren`t many useful water-based weapons that it will shut down… until you move into 1P battles.

    Side note: One of my fave animations in the battledome

  2. Elise Kozler


    One of the few (if not the only) full water blocker. This belongs in every dual-duty set. Consider what this does to weapons like the S-Potion: it turns them completely off so they are almost not worth using (thereby cutting off your opponents freeze) and it still deals damage!

    The price is remarkebly decent for this weapon. Compare it to weapons like the Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie, and while the water is a touch less common, the price is thus justifiably less.

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