Glowing Cauldron


Glowing Cauldron

Glowing Cauldron

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$44.99 $34.99


This bubbling cauldron has a terrible hex placed on it, dare you use it in battle???


  1. Elise Kozler

    This is an amazing tank buster. When the opponent is using GSheild you can manipulate it to use who ever has the higher strength boost`s boost, and if they are using something like FTab + GSheild this can go through completely unblocked.

    It can be a great 3rd constant once you have everything else for your set.

    Personally this would be in my ultimate set, excluding FSling and peas.

    I had the opportunity to use 2 of these in the Return of Sloth Plot, and they were AMAZING. A must have for 1p if you have under the 400 boost. The additional 2p utility makes this weapon a 10 more me.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Steep pricetag, but arguably worth it since there are no real alternatives. This helps with maxing out against 1-P opponents like nothing else in this price range can. Tossing 10 fire icons at your opponent`s 700 strength boost is massive if your opponent has no way of stopping said icons, and many 1-P opponents tend to specialize in a few specific icons of defense. You`d have to be pushing the 400 boost to match what this does against a 700 boost opponent with a Sword of Skardsen.

    Its other, 2-P oriented effect is probably more situational, but useful all the same. The `unstoppable` effect you get from clicking first can destroy opponents abusing a higher defense boost by rendering their shields entirely pointless. Should two turtling opponents go head-to-head, the one with a GC will triumph. Packing 10 fire icons means this can still serve as an anti-Ghostkershield weapon if you click second, but get a Portable Kiln instead if you just want that effect.

    This would get rated higher if it didn`t have the chance of draining or spitting smoke. Nevertheless this has a place in virtually any BD set, from the lowest boosts (I do not, under any circumstances, encourage n00binating, mind you!) to the elite.

  3. Elise Kozler

    Sometimes I question the value of this item. It shines during wars, when opponents have more strength than you and you can raise the point count with the use of this weapon, and it dulls when 1-p opponents have lower boosts (but ideally then you can beat them anyways). During two player it depends upon when you click, but we’ll focus on 1-p since that’s what this weapon is used for most often.

    Against a 700 boost opponent, you’re dealing 150 points of damage. Now for the 10 mil price tag this was going for during the HATIC war, you could purchase a Sword of Skarsden for a little more, dealing 18 icons average. Under such conditions, if your pet has more than 400 strength, this weapon becomes obsolete in all cases. Now you might wonder “that doesn’t seem so bad,” but keep in mind that most opponents fought using this weapon won’t be at the 700 boost (in fact, most often only pets with STR over 400 will reach that level). Thus, the strength level with which this wepaon becomes obsolete drops.

    Now of course, this doesn’t dispell the use of this weapon at the higher levels. It truly does shine there. However, the price that this has risen to almost makes me question its usefulness.

    Note: This didn’t even account for the 20 HP drain (a waste) or the smoke spitting (total pity) that this weapon can do, however unlikley.

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