Illusens Staff


Illusens Staff

Illusens Staff

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$315.00 $139.99


This is Illusen’s ultimate weapon. She only allows her most worthy friends to use it.

The Illusens Staff is a required weapon if you want any of those 1P-Battledome trophies such as the Baltzhar Basher Champion trophy! The only way of obtaining the Illusens Staff (iStaff) is by playing the Illusens Glade. You have to complete level 50 of her quests! The Illusens Staff is a healer, attacker, defender, and reflects icons aswell! Just a great all-around weapon.

The staff completely blocks all darks icons, and is a downgrade from the Wand of the Dark Faerie for those that can’t afford that yet.

Grab yourself a Illusens Staff today!

Illusens Staff


  1. Elise Kozler

    Power (4/4) Insane

    Price (2/2) One of only about a dozen weapons that has any chance at all to even matter once you pass 6k hit points. Anything less is worthless at that point.

    Tactical (3/3) By using a defensive stance and morphing into a species without any vulnerabilities, you can cut the max damage per round you can take in 2p to 2160 points. Thus 10,800+ HP and one of these makes you actually invulnerable to everything in the BD aside from multifreezing, multistealing and 1p opponents with unique weapons. Heck, at only 5760 HP, you become *on average* invulnerable.

    Another Angle (1/1) You’re playing a different game now.

    Defenses/Countermeasures: Don’t fight munterpoo.

  2. Elise Kozler

    14-19 icons for this price? While this is an awesome weapon, it is much more defensive than offensive. You won’t see much light at this level, especially light and dark together, unless you are hit by SoS or G-Sword and PCC at the same time. The healing also only takes effect if you’re below 25%, which is quite a precarious position to be in. If you’re that low, you should use a Jade/LEV, not this. Each of the abilities of this weapon on its own is awesome, and the fact that they’re together is even more awesome, but I hate to say there are much better ways to spend 600 million+. If you can spare the cash, I would pass this by and go right to the Wand of the Dark Faerie.

  3. Elise Kozler

    I have never wielded the Illusens Staff, but I don’t have to actually use it to know it’s awesome. A 20% heal every time your HP hits the red zone is invaluable, the reflection is awesome (confusing, but still awesome), and it attacks with 14-19 icons, too! The iStaff loses one point because it’s crazy expensive… although with no real upgrades and the only alternative (Wand of the Dark Faerie) just as unobtainable, one could definitely argue that it’s worth almost any price.

  4. Elise Kozler

    This is one of those weapons that you wish you have, but you don’t :P . However in the future it’s price may come down to around 50 million NP. And if you can afford it, then get it. I really like how it reflects all of dark and that it heals, and another great bonus is the BIG amount of icons. Well, I really shouldn’t spend too much time writing as this weapon’s so amazingly rare and nearly impossible to come by. I guess, in it’s price range, I would give it a 9

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