Sword of Skardsen


Sword of Skardsen

Sword of Skardsen

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$24.99 $17.99


Just the trick to put a pesky menacing undead monster out of its misery! The neopets SoS, similiar to the PCC, has fell in price due to the anagram swords. The sword of skardsen is no longer a favored weapon by many, but it still used.


  1. Elise Kozler

    For 1p, this is the best you can get for under 100mil, not including Prickly Potion or Glowing Cauldron for lower strength pets.

    For 2p, this has the potential to be almost fully blocked by GShield or RoTL, but even still it can be great for tricking an opponent into over using a full dark blocker and then switching to something like portable kiln, forcing them to essentially waste a slot. People always claim that Pirate Captains Cutlass is so much better than this, but in most league structures, the opponents defense is higher than your strength, and Pirate Captains Cutlass is largely blocked by GShield.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Aside from the fact that using a weapon primarily doing darkness damage against \”menacing undead\” is foolish :D, this sword is a cost-effective weapon for experienced battlers.

    It’s main weakness is 15 of the 16.25-24 icons are dark icons. An experienced battledomer can buy weapons (for example, Ring of the Lost and Ghostkershield) that pretty much nullify most of your attack. Still, good tactics (and more than a little neopoints ::)) can overcome this problem.

    Until Neopets gives more 1-player challengers defense against darkness, it is an excellent weapon against them, which is why I’m giving it a 9 instead of an 8.

  3. Elise Kozler

    This is a real powerhouse weapon. It deals lots of icons for a very good price. Another bonus: the price is held in steady place with its Hidden Tower status.

    The only problem is the lack of icon types. The gigantic amount Dark icons can easily be blocked with the likes of Ring of the Lost and Ghostkershield. However, you will have little trouble when facing 1-Player opponents, as few carry any heavy dark defense.

    Combine this with a weapon that will get past Sink; Bow of Destiny and Pirate Captains Cutlass are good choices.

    Downgrade: Bow of Destiny or Wand of Reality
    Upgrade/Alternative: Pirate Captains Cutlass

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