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Guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of your opponent!

The Gbomb is a powerful weapon for it’s price. It’s able to deal 21-30 icons, with the average being about 25 icons.┬áThe ghostkerbomb deals 10 fire icons, 10 earth icons, and the gamble is with the physical icons of which it deals 1-10.

Any 2P battldome player knows the ghostkerbomb is a must, unless of course your a billionaire!

Available to be bought at the Hidden Tower for 7,500,000. Might want to stock up, as I suspect it will be retired in the next batch of hidden tower items to be retired.


  1. Micheal

    Don`t drop that bomb on me! Save that little tree!

    One Player: 10 / 10
    Due to its cost, most people will pick this up after upgrading to the 13-iconers (Bow of Destiny/Wand of Reality). Compared to those, Ghostkerbomb is what Honey Potion used to be to 6-iconers: a bomb that deals roughly twice as much damage as your constants. This is incredibly versatile, whether you need to use it to rack up easy wins, push a freeze to its fullest, or give that extra push at the end of a fight. A constant of suitable comparison (read: peas) will cost hundreds of millions more.

    Two Player: 10 / 10
    Once you start seeing these in Two Player, only labrats can risk a late-freeze. Fortunately Burrow and Sink knock off all or most of this respectfully, but you`re forced to play defense against Ghostkerbomb, because if you don`t, you lose. This also stacks Fire with Portable Kiln and Mask of Coltzan.

    Final Score: 10 / 10
    This is an incredible weapon for its price and power that fits into any set. Even Jhudoras Potion, Ghostkerbomb`s only alternative, is more expensive and weaker. If this ever retires, expect it to skyrocket in price overnight: it`s that good.

  2. Elise Kozler

    Power (3/4) While my own limited tests show an average around only 24.5 icons, this is still crazy-go-nuts strong. I feel sorry about deducting a point for this being once per battle

    Price (2/2) For the icons, this is a steal. To deal more damage in a round you need dream level weapons.

    Tactical (3/3) This is a beast in 2p. If you`re fighting an even match against an opponent with balanced Strength and Endurance (which is almost anyone using codestone training) then it only takes about 50 or so unblocked, unhealed icons to get a KO. Berserking with this averages roughly 37 icons.

    Of course, this also comes in handy for racking up the multiple early wins in 1p battling.

    Another Angle (1/1) If you like tracking your max damage, you`ll like this.

    Alternatives: Jhudoras Potion is almost as strong, but costs more

    Upgrades: You won`t do more damage unless you get lucky with Faerie Slingshot or are throwing around Attack Peas or a Wand of the Dark Faerie.

    Defenses/Countermeasures: The best bet is to time your Burrow, Downsize!, Thick Smoke Bomb, or Thyoras Tear to block this. Otherwise you need to get clever with weapon combos, such as Yooyuball Players Sling + Pirate Captains Hat or Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie + Flame Reflectozap. Of course, using two weapons to block this leaves you open to your opponent`s second weapon

  3. Elise Kozler

    The STRONGEST and ULTIMATE bomb in Neopia. Nothing can compare to its attack, and it only costs around 7.3 million.

    Pros- It averages around 25 icons, which is 1 more than the Sword of Skardsen’s max icons dealt. It doesn’t cost too much either, many battlers find this weapon as an upgrade from the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo or Honey Potion.

    Cons- It deals mostly fire and earth, and the attack is completely blocked by Burrow. The 10 earth icons get past Sink, but they are easily blocked by most shields. Fire gets through shields like Ghostkershield, but it is entirely blocked by the faerie ability Quench. Physical icons are also easily blocked. The Ghostkerbomb also has the possibility of retiring.

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