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When Thyora was weeping for the loss of her loved one a passing faerie captured a tear and formed a powerful charm. For a brief period of time, nothing may harm the wearer. (Only one can be equipped and it can only be used once per battle)

The Thyoras Tear,  TTear, is THE weapon to wield if you need a blocker in your set. The thyoras tear has the ability to block absolutely everything! You can only hold one thyoras tear in your set, and you can only use the ttear once per battle! It is a multi-use battldome weapon however, so fear not to use it.

The rarity is 99, meaning it’s still available to be restocked from the main shops. However, despite still being restocked in main shops, being a full blocker balances out it’s price and still makes it pretty expensive!



  1. Elise Kozler

    This is a one-trick pony, but the trick is good, as it blocks all of your opponent`s attack for a round in each fight that you use it in. But it`s also a bit of a “Trick or Treat” weapon in that while what it does is a Treat, the price at which it costs to do it is more of a trick. Given the inflated cost of the item, and the availability of the Thick Smoke Bomb, which is a single use version of the same effect, unless your pet fights over 500 times a year, the DAILY INTEREST on the cost of buying one of these would keep you supplied with the disposable Smoke Bombs. This is a classic weapon in the lore of the Battledome, but it`s one whose price has moved far away from great value. I’d love to have one, but if I “found” one, I’d sell it.

  2. Elise Kozler

    This weapon is truly unique. Nothing can match its strength, durability, or just plain beauty! As you can probably tell from the data, this weapon blocks ALL icons dealt to you during turn it is used (except for special circumstances, as with reflected icons). Whether an all-out attack, or a last second heal, this versatile weapon will ensure that you make it through the next round. Price-wise, the T-Tear is very expensive, so I don’t suggest getting one until you have fully upgraded the rest of your battle set. In the end, nothing tops this weapon. It’s one of a kind, no other weapon can give the amount of defence that this weapon does, and unlike it’s one-use alternatives, it will never break.

    A very good subsitute for this would be Downsize!, which blocks 50% of all icons instead of 100%. The power is uncomparable, T-Tear is dramatically stronger, but for the price, Downsize! is a very good choice.

    Downgrade: Downsize!
    Alternative: Thick Smoke Bomb

  3. Elise Kozler

    This blocks all icons (except reflected ones) for one turn, and is best used when you’re expecting a huge bomb attack (you can safely berserk while using it along with your strongest weapon, which is a real plus). It’s overly expensive, but has no real alternatives (besides the incredibly overpriced Castle Defenders Shield and the one-use Thick Smoke Bomb or, if you’re insane and like wasting NP, the one-use Downsize Power Plus). If you’ve already got great main attackers, a healer and a freezer, then this is a good addition to your set.

  4. Elise Kozler

    Power (3/4) Blocks everything* once per battle

    Price (2/2) The only real alternatives are single use or one-of-a-kind.

    Tactical (3/3) This is huge, especially so for maxing out in one player battling such as NCW tourneys.

    Another Angle (0/1) At the current cost, even many of the neopians who can afford this would be better off putting those NP in the bank and buying multiple single use versions each day with the interest. The only real reasons to buy are because you battle multiple times every day or you want to run multiple full blockers.

    Alternatives: Thick Smoke Bomb is the single use, affordable version. Downsize Power Plus is the single use crazy expensive version, and Castle Defenders Shield is the truly crazy expensive version. You can theoretically equip one of each of those, but that won`t leave much else in the set.

    Defenses/Countermeasures: * This does not actually block any of the following:

    * Reflected icons (such as those dealt by Glowing Cauldron when the battler with the Tear clicks `go` second;

    * HP drain such as that dealt by Crisp Blue Tunic

    * The stealing of items

    * Nuisance weapons that cause Poison, Pet alteration or Stat alteration

    * Nor does it prevent healing or weapon generation.

    Thus if you can guess when an opponent will use one, you can come out ahead by choosing to heal, steal, drain, and/or use reflected icons.

  5. Elise Kozler

    This weapon is absolutely beautiful to stare at all day long.
    Good in both 1p and 2p dome, but cost hinders this weapon a ton.
    Only get this if you really don`t have the desire or need to upgrade your set any further. A round where you can berserk with say a bomb, or a constant if you`ve used it already without taking any damage is huge if you use it at the right time.
    Alternatives mentioned below are Downsize! and Thick Smoke Bomb.
    Super weapon that is very awesome to use/own.
    As it comes down in cost, the rating only goes up.

  6. Elise Kozler

    Power: (4/4) 100% blocker once per battle.

    Price: (1/2) Right around 45m at the moment makes it unaffordable for most players. Its rarity keeps the price high but it has been know to restock a lot and deflate to 25m, in which case you should definatly pick it up if you can afford one. However, since there is really no other weapon like this anywhere close to the price range it gets a 1 out of 2.

    Tactical (3/3): Absolutely a great weapon. You are getting a free turn when you use this! It blocks everything, meaning you can just pick a weapon and beserk and not have to worry about damage being done to you. This should be one of the last additions to any set however.

    (1/1)-1p/2p-I love this weapon for both 1p and 2p. A free move in 2p can mean the differance between winning and losing. In 2p you can heal and use this to take no damage while you heal or use it at the end of a battle to finish off an opponent.

    Upgrades/Alternatives-No upgrades from this however the Castle Defenders Shield is an alternative, for about 300m more:p Also Thick Smoke Bomb and Downsize Power Plus do the same thing, but they are one use only and at a price of around 10k and 200k they can stack up quickly.

  7. Elise Kozler

    Power: (4) One of its kind, but truly worth it.

    Price: (2) Its trading at fair market value. Of course some people have this weapon overrated. Once per battle weapons LOSE value the stronger you get. Its very good, but is it really 7000 times better than the downsize? I dont think so…

    Tactical: (1) Jade + Thoyras Tear when you are nearly out of hitpoints is a surefire way to frustrate any opponent.

    Sentimental: (1) Someone said the neopets magazine lists this as the most talked about weapon on neopia. There might be truth in that. It definitlely is the single best item you can restock from the main neopian shops.

  8. Elise Kozler

    Well this is another of the rich battlers weapon, it is HIGHLY useful and but it’s price tag has a couple to many 0’s for me. It can be the weapon that makes the difference between winning and losing. The nice thing is that there is a cheap thing like this out there. It is Downsize! (NOT the downsize power plus), downsize costs about 15k at the writing of this. Downsize defends 50% of all icons and IS once per battle, so if you don’t have 5.5 million NP to spare, get the downsize. Or if you do have the 5.5 mil you could get both the downsize! and the T-Tear and be able to have another blocking weapon. I think this deserves a 9 because that the downsize exists and costs a tiny fraction of the price, but this weapon is still 1 of a kind. So if you have the NP get this and a downsize!, if you don’t, just get the downsize!

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